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Handcrafted furniture inspired by nature.

Artful combinations of organic materials and steel.


Architectural metalwork, bespoke furniture, and custom iron railings. 

Pioneering design meets the highest quality craftsmanship. 



Metal art, outdoor sculpture, and 2D works.

Quinn's aesthetic is inspired by New Hampshire's White Mountains. 

Featured Piece

Centennial Spiral

Sculpture for the White Mountains National Forest

Morrissette's use of natural materials continues in his latest piece of custom furniture inspired by the NH mountains: Percy Peaks. The table and 

stools artfully combine the immense stature of a north-country pine with the refined geometry of modern furniture.

"The process was rewarding" Morrissette said, "From harvesting a fallen red pine, right through the chiseling, welding and polishing."


The process involved many of Morrissette's crafts, including CAD modeling, welding, woodworking, and CNC plasma cutting. 

Quinn Morrissette Studio
1 Raynes Ave
Portsmouth, NH 03801
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