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At Quinn Morrissette Studio, every work is one-of-a-kind, starting with a raw material.

This design approach recognizes our innate human need to be connected with nature. Metal is thoughtfully crafted around rocks and live-edge wood to create functional pieces of furniture. 

"Absolutely the most beautiful addition! Thank you! 🪴 🪨🩷"

Susan, Swampscott MA 

Rock Table No.25

Rock Table No.25.jpeg
Rock Table No.8

"Something amazing arrived today... beautifully crated and gorgeous. Thanks!" 

Todd, Syracuse NY 

Rock Table No.8

"It really is art, I'd never seen anything like it." 

Paul, North Andover MA
Rock Table No.14

Rock Table No_14.jpg
Rock Table No.6

"I came across you on Facebook or Google or some other social media that's invaded my life... your work is really awesome." 

George, Alexandria VA
Rock Table No.6

"Thank you for your amazing new creation. I always loved different color and shape rocks and stones through out my life. I’ve decided to put it in the sun room so I could enjoy it every day." 

Pallyanna, East Longmeadow MA
Rock Shelf No.2

Rock Shelf No.2.jpeg

Whether you need a rock table, light, shelf, or a planter, together we can customize the size, shape, function, and even the color. Let's create the perfect artwork for your space.

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