Kory and Cathy

Kensington, NH



Project Introduction

Kory and Cathy had a temporary rail in place, and a vision for what they wanted. The first step is showing us the space, and sharing anything you may have done already, such as architectural drawings or Pinterest boards.


Design Discussion

We have the ability to show clients exactly what the final product will look like in their space. An iPad Pro is used to sketch out a few options over a photograph, and one is refined until everybody loves the design. This is usually done during the first meeting, and is included in the free consultation.  

Note: Complete step three to receive a copy of these drawings, or purchase them separately. It is a courtesy so our design is not taken elsewhere. 


Finalize Design

A finalized design is prepared that includes dimensions and call outs for fabrication, such as material thickness and finishing plans. Once a contract is signed the building process can begin. 


On-site Fit-up

TIG welding is a spark and smoke free welding method that allows us to weld in any environment. Essential, 

structural elements are welded on-site. For this job, balusters were welded to the framing boxes on-site to ensure they would properly fit each hole in the floor. 


Detail & Finishing

Detailing involved bending the ornamental scrollwork and prepping the rail for powder-coating. Powder-coating is a thick, high-performance paint that is resistant to chipping, scratching, and other wear. The couple selected a deep red that complimented their homes color scheme. 


Final Installation

Final Installation is a joyous day for our company and our clients. We strive to make you as proud of our work as we are. A special thank you to Kory and Cathy for sharing photographs of their gorgeous home. 

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