Handcrafted in New Hampshire.

Furniture designed to bring the outside in. Browse these combinations of natural materials and steel.

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Custom iron railings, handrails, furniture, and more.

Fast, efficient, and honest, Quinn Morrissette Studio has become a reputable and well-known Metal Fabrication Service, managing projects with the skill and experience clients have come to expect. Open communication and customer satisfaction are prioritized throughout the duration of each project.

Public art, outdoor works, and iron sculptures.

Quinn's aesthetic is inspired by New Hampshire's White Mountains. 

Featured Piece

Centennial Sculpture

Sculpture for the White Mountains National Forest

Morrissette's use of natural materials continues in his work for the White Mountains National Forest. The sculpture artfully combines the immense stature of a north-country pine with the geometry of the golden ratio.

"The process was rewarding" Morrissette said, "From harvesting the fallen white pine, right through the sawing, welding, and finishing."


The process involved many of Morrissette's crafts, including concept design, CAD modeling, welding, woodworking.