Tessellating "C" Tables

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I was touring a massive design expo in Houston, looking at piece after piece, and I thought to myself, what can I possibly design that will add real value to the world of manufactured furniture? All my efforts felt contrived.

Then I saw a golden opportunity: TV tables, or "C" tables... as the fancy folks were calling them.

I had my iPad handy, and threw down some ideas.

Instead of a traditional rectangular design, I wanted the tables to fit together in a more thoughtful way. MC Escher's tessellations ran through my mind. After simplifying this sketch, the geometry was close to the golden ratio. I ran with it.

Back at the studio I created these renderings (with Rhino and Keyshot) and jumped right into fabrication. The tops are hardwood cherry, and the lip detail is intended to prevent objects from rolling off the table. Be sure to watch my video at the end to see the various configurations.

Quinn Morrissette is an American artisan based in Portsmouth, NH, USA, specializing in sculpture, bespoke furniture, and architectural installations. To view his work visit quinnmorrissette.com

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